After a great deal of complaining from the UPHCA to DOPL about Bald Dude Plumbing located in the St. George area, he continues to do business as a plumber, unlicensed and uninsured. He has never been a qualified/licensed plumber or contractor, not even a handyman registration with the state.  Just 2 weeks ago one of the UPHCA members was called by an owner to repair and bring up to code a water heater replacement that ‘Mr. Bald Dude’ installed.  DOPL has fined him several times, however he continues to do work.  Here is a similar case that KSL just recently reported on.

Mr. Bald Dude has charges pending in Washington County since last July and still the County slowly moves the case along.  Oh, by the way he has been convicted of drug charges as well in the past.  Yes, this type of case doesn’t seem to be a priority for some, however his shoddy work can not only put homeowners potentially in danger but he also gives the plumbing industry and trade a bad name when he advertises himself as a plumber.

The 2023 Legislative Session is in full swing.  The legislators started off very fast on some difficult subjects and proposed bills.  However, it now has settled down to a dull roar, at least right now.

The UPHCA along with others in the industry are working on a couple of initiatives.  The first is to provide an easier pathway for 16-17 year olds to work in the construction industry and rather than as a non-paid intern through the schools sponsored programs, allow companies to hire that age group and allow them to become interested in the trades.  It seems this is something most want or see a positive potential opportunity, however many details are being worked on especially with the cost of workers compensation for this age group.

Another one that doesn’t see much light at this point is providing more resources to DOPL enforcement to ensure that those who are working unlicensed are prosecuted rather than just fined.  The fine has become a cost of doing business for companies working outside the licensing statues.  This can be a rather hot issue even within our own industry, but we need to do something.  Here is the link to our most recent tracking list we’re following. Click Here

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