Qualified Stamp of Approval

The Professionals in the plumbing trade are proud of their work.  However those who are unlicensed, or who classify themselves as “Handyman” who don’t have the training and skills to perform plumbing work are not only unethical but they can also cause significant costs to the homeowner and unsafe living conditions.  Here are a few examples of poor workmanship by those who are not licensed:

I don’t know if you can see in this photo of blue and red ‘Pex’ piping going along the top of the hallway of a home.  The contractor was licensed but those individuals doing the work were clueless and not qualified on doing a “Re-Pipe” of a home.  The homeowner paid thousands of dollars for this work.  Absolutely terrible! The company that performed this work is owned by an out of state investment company.

Here is a photo of an unlicensed individual who installed a water heater outside of the home in the West Valley area.  This photo was taken in January of 2024. The home owner called a UPHCA Qualified Contractor to come out and find out why they didn’t have hot water!

Members of the UPHCA are locally owned and operated licensed contractors who use licensed individuals who perform the work to industry codes and standards.  UPHCA Contractors sign prior to joining a Code of Ethics and they receive the “Qualified” stamp of approval by their peers.  Make sure you go to www.utahplumbing.org to find these companies.