What Has The UPHCA Done Lately?


  1. The Handyman’s scope of work was modified by statute. Replacement of a fixture was removed, and only repair is allowed. The reason? Public safety and & health.
  2. We’ve developed www.utahplumbing.org, a user-friendly platform that empowers the public to find locally owned and operated plumbing professionals. These professionals are required to sign a code of conduct, ensuring the highest standards of service.
  3. Provide extra benefits to their members and soon offer their employees an affordable option for health insurance.
  4. Ongoing quality Continuing Education Classes for those licensed plumbing professionals.
  5. The Academy, launched in 2023, is a beacon of opportunity. It offers an alternative path to obtaining quality education and meeting the requirements for a journeyman license. The Academy is especially beneficial for those in rural areas, inspiring them to reach their goal of becoming a journeyman.
  6. The UPHCA is the only non-union (merit shop) association specifically for the plumbing and mechanical industry in the State of Utah.
  7. The UPHCA represents quality, qualified, locally owned, and operated plumbing and mechanical companies that take the health and safety of the public seriously. They are licensed professionals who take pride in their work and do not exploit their customers!
  8. Developed informational videos to promote Quality, Safety and Health for the public by directing them to ‘Qualified’ professionals.