Dominion Energy has sent out letters to customers offering a program through HomeServe “a leading provider of home repair programs nationwide” by offering optional Gas Line Coverage for homeowners.  This program offers repair service for natural gas lines from the meter to each appliance in the home.  Is this necessary and worth the $5.49/month?  The question regarding the connection of Dominion and HomeServe is an interesting question.  The letter states that HomeServe has paid for the mailing of letter with the offer, however Dominion has allow HomeServe access to their customer base.  A quote from ‘Business Wire’ states “Dominion Products and Services, Inc., is an affiliate of Dominion Energy, the parent of the gas utility Dominion Energy Utah. Dominion Products and Services is a separate company from the gas utility. Dominion Products and Services has partnered with HomeServe to offer and administer all of its home repair programs to customers of Dominion Energy subsidiaries, including Dominion Energy Utah. HomeServe is a separate company and is the administrator of the service program.”

The question could be posed what does it mean for Dominion Products and Services have “partnered with HomeServe”? Is there a financial relationship between the two companies and if so this seems to provide HomeServe an advantage of promoting their products through a registered utility.  Interesting!