On a recent KSL – Get Gephardt news story it shows how unlicensed individuals are doing work for homeowners and either not completing the work or not doing it at all.  This is happening in St. George area with Bald Dude Plumbing.  He has been fined 3 times for over $6,000 and still is out and about advertising and doing work as a plumber and handyman.  Buyer beware!


It’s important to support locally owned and operated businesses, especially when it comes to services like Plumbing & HVAC Services.  Local businesses often have a vested interest in maintaining a good reputation within their community and providing quality work to their customers. By choosing a locally owned service company, you’re likely to receive more personalized and attentive service.  The Utah Plumbing & Heating Contractors Association (UPHCA) requires a code of ethics be signed to join the association.  Go to www.utahplumbing.org to find a locally owned and operated Plumbing & HVAC company in your area.

This website is a great resource for finding trustworthy and ethical local plumbers in Utah. It’s good to know that the companies listed there are part of an association that has them adhere to a code of ethics, which can give you peace of mind when seeking their services.

In the past couple of years out of state investment companies have bought out many of the large service companies in Utah, keeping their original name.  They prioritize their bottom line over customer satisfaction, and they use enticing deals to upsell customers on unnecessary services to cover their advertising costs. This is why doing research and selecting a locally owned and operated Plumbing or HVAC company can help ensure that you receive honest and fair pricing for the services you need.

Remember, when looking for a Plumber or HVAC companies always go to www.utahplumbing.org to ensure you get a fair and honest deals and find reliable and ethical plumbing professionals who genuinely care about their trade and their community.

What does it mean to be locally owned and operated? What is the difference to the public and local economy?  Is it a benefit to the consumer?  When a large box store moves into an area what does it do to the local businesses?  Where does the profits to the big national stores or operations go?  These questions and others are evaluated by the local communities and experts all the time.  However, you the consumer what is your thoughts on this?

Many of the local businesses are your neighbors or who employ your neighbors or friends.  These local businesses support the local economy in so many ways. It seems that the trend in business is buying up smaller companies and managing all of them as one large multifaceted corporation.  In some situations multiple companies in the same market are owned by one company, however they retain the former name.  With this type of market approach, it can affect the consumers experience.  “Buyer Beware” is the phrase that we should remember and consider.  But how do we know which companies have taken this course of action?  Here is a list of local companies that have been purchased by large ‘venture capitalists’ corporations who look to expand their reach into a local market and in turn increase their bottom line.  Increasing the bottom line isn’t a bad thing at all, however when taking an unfair advantage of the markets and consumer it goes back to the phrase – “Buyer Beware”. We’ll let you decide!

Here are a few examples of what is happening in Utah.

Knox Lane: https://www.knoxlane.com/

  • Any Hour (Utah)
  • Black Diamond Experts (Utah)
  • Bumble Breeze Plumbing Heating & Air
  • Penguin Air (Phoenix)
  • AC by J (Scottsdale)
  • Advance Home Services (Southeast Idaho)

Friendly Group: https://friendlygroup.com/

  • Friendly Home Service
  • Just Right Heating & Cooling
  • Western Heating, Air, Plumbing
  • Main Street Heating & Cooling, Plumbing

APEX Service Partners: https://apexservicepartners.com/ – alpineinvestors.com

  • Whipple
  • All Pro Plumbing – St. George

Bestige: https://bestigeholdings.com/

  • Craigs Services
  • Comfort Solutions
  • Comfort Construction Services
  • My Buddy the Plumber
  • Same Day
  • Walker Plumbing
  • Superior Water & Air
  • ICS – Intermountain Comfort Supply
  • Lee’s Heating – Air Conditioning – Duct Cleaning – Water Treatment
  • Comfort Construction (HVAC)
  • Utah Engineering (HVAC, Plumbing) (Commercial)
  • Beehive Plumbing

TurnPoint: https://www.turnpointservices.com/

  • Scott Hale Plumbing & Heating

American Residential Services (Charles Bank): https://www.ars.com/

  • YES! (Formally ESCO and Rescue Rooter)
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