Licensing Requirements

Plumbing & Specialty Contractor Licensing Laws

The Plumbing & Contractor Licensing Laws/Regulations and Rules can be confusing.  The State Legislature passes laws regulating the overall licensing within the state.  Licensing Rules are made through a process managed by DOPL.  New rules or changes are first brought before the Plumbing Licensing Board.  After discussions recommendations are forwarded to the Construction Services Commission for final approval.  This is called the ‘Rule Making Process’.  The Utah Laws and Rules for Licensing can be found here.

The UPHCA is very involved and active in this process.  We carefully work with members of the legislature and DOPL to ensure that our concerns and voice is heard.

State Plumbing License Renewal Deadline

November 30, 2024

Specialty Contractor Licensing Renewal Deadline

November 30, 2023

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12 hours of Continuing Education (CE) Credit 

  • 12 hrs of Core (code & safety classes) or can be a combination of 4 hours Professional (approved topics) & 8 hours of Core (code & safety related).  Code trumps any professional.
  • All plumbing CE Classes can be online webinars

UPHCA is an State Approved CE Provider for Specialty Contractors.  With this the UPHCA can give concurrent credit for both plumbing and contractor licenses.

Requirements for

Specialty Contractors

(P-200, P-201, S-330, S-350, S-410)
6 – hour of Continuing Education (CE) Credit
  • 1 hour of the 6 must be Energy Code related
  • 3 of the 6 hours must be ‘live’ the other 3 can be online webinar
  • S-350 HVAC License must have 3 hrs. specific to HVAC code/topics
  • S-330 & S-410 who install backflow equipment must have 2 hrs. of CE specific to backflow.
  • Any specialty contractors that perform any of the work above can receive their CE credit from the UPHCA.

Handyman Exemption/Scope

The Handyman Scope of Work can only do very limited plumbing work, (repairing a faucet) and electrical work (replacing an electrical fixture).  Absolutely no work behind the wall of the room. If the main water must be turned off a plumber must be called.

The reason and purpose for this are to ensure that the work you contract for is done safely, properly, and provides protection for you the consumer!

WATER HEATERS…Only licensed plumbing contractors can install regular and tankless water heaters for a fee…it’s the law!

State of Utah Rule R156-55c Plumbing Licensing Act

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