Welcome to the UPHCA Continuing Education online class. The set of classes are taught by Dana Farmer who is very […]

UPHCA has partnered Med Gas Card Online to provide med gas certification. To register go to their website Med Gas […]

This is an 3 hour online class covering Plumbing and Energy Codes, Regulations, State Licensing Rules and general industry specific […]

This is an 3 hour online class covering Plumbing, Venting and Hot Water Heating Codes and Regulations. Attending this class […]

This class fulfills the DOPL 3 hour requirement for Specialty Contractor Licenses {Plumbing (S200 & S201), HVAC (S350), Landscaping/Recreation (S330), […]

This class meets the new requirements for Specialty Plumbing/Landscaping/Swimming Pool/Excavation Contractors Save this Link for later viewing.