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This website is the only place you will ever need to find qualified, licensed, and insured professionals for your plumbing work

Important Note

Before you click on Utah’s Best Service Plumbers – OR – Utah’s Best Plumbers you should be aware that these contractors are approved by their peers not from a better business agency, someone’s list, or advertise the most; these are professionals approved by professionals. These contractors are fully licensed, insured, warrantee or guarantee their work, and take an active role in maintaining the integrity of their industry.

If you hear, see, or read advertisements for plumbing contractors not on this list or our member list, BUYER BEWARE!!! Notice also, there is a reason we have only one “Rooter” company on our list…BUYER BEWARE!!!

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If you hire an unlicensed person, company, or handyman to do plumbing or electrical and they are injured on your job or causes extensive property damage…you, the homeowner are liable!  There is a difference between being ‘Registered’ and being ‘Licensed’.  ‘Registered’ shows that they have registered the name of the company with the State of Utah.  Individual plumbers are ‘Licensed’ demonstrates that they are skilled in their trade, educated, tested and licensed by the State of Utah!  A ‘Licensed’ company demonstrates experience in their trade, that they are financially capable to perform their work and have adequate insurance for their workers and any potential liability while working at your business or home.

This is why it is important to hire licensed professionals!

The State of Utah has produced some excellent public service announcements that help you to understand the need to hire licensed contractors and professionals.  Click Here to View them.

Handyman Scope of Work can only do very limited plumbing, (replacing or installing a faucet) and electrical work (replacing an electrical fixture).  Nothing over $300 and this includes the material and labor!

The reason and purpose for this are to ensure that the work you contract for is done safely, properly, and protects you the consumer!

WATER HEATERS…Only licensed plumbing contractors can install regular and tankless water heaters for a fee…it’s the law!

Always check licenses…it’s easy!

For Contractors License Numbers

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For Contractors License Numbers

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