Continuing Education Classes

The Utah Plumbing and Contractor Licenses require continuing education (CE) hours every two years. The Plumbing Licenses require 12 hours of CE credit and is due November 30th of the ‘even’ years. Whereas the Specialty Contractor’s License must have 6 hours of CE credit and is due on November 30th of the ‘odd’ year. When an individual takes a class from the UPHCA the association is given the authority by state law to offer concurrent CE credit for the Plumbing and certain Specialty Contractor Licenses. A percentage of the training classes are being paid for by the 1% Building Codes Education Fund.

CE requirements for Utah Specialty Contractor Licenses must adhere to the following rules:

1. 3 of the 6 hours must be ‘live’ (classroom or webinar) where interaction between instructor and student. (All 6 hours can be ‘live’).

2. The remaining 3 hours can be through an online class; however they must be through a state approved association and provider.

3. The UPHCA is state approved to provide CE credit for the following Specialty Contractors: Plumbing (S200 & S201), HVAC (S350), Landscaping/Recreation (S330), Boiler, Pipeline, Wastewater and Water Conditioning (S410).

4. HVAC Contractor must have 3 of the 6 hours of CE must be directly related to the installation, repair, or replacement of a heating, ventilation, or air conditioning system.

Due to Covid-19 the ‘live’ classroom experience requirement is waived for the 2021 renewal cycle.

To check the hours you have towards your particular license you can go to DOPL’s webpage.

*NEW* Med Gas Certification Online Class is now available. This class is provided by a UPHCA approved vendor – Med Gas Cards. Once completed the individual will receive 12 hours of CE credit. Please be aware this class will require time to complete and cannot be rushed but access to the class will expire 60 days after purchasing the class. The person taking the class must meet the time requirements and pass the required tests.

Further information and to register see below.

This class meets all the requirements of ASSE and is a NITC authorized training provider.  Detailed instructions for the NITC credentialing process will be included.


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