Utah Plumbing & Heating Contractors Association

Serving the Non-Union Plumbing/Mechanical Contractors & Plumbers of Utah



Continuing Education Classes

The Plumbing and Contracting Licenses require continuing education hours every two years. The plumbing license requires 12 hours of CE credit and is due November 30th of the ‘even’ years. Whereas the contractors license is due on November 30th of the ‘odd’ year. When someone takes a class from the UPHCA the association is given the authority by state law to offer CE credit for the plumbing, HVAC contractor, plumbing contractor and Water Conditioning Equipment Contractor licenses.

For Contractor CE Classes for HVAC, Plumbing, Landscaping and water conditioning equipment contractor licenses click here, for online classes click here.

To check the hours you have towards your particular license you can go to DOPL’s website.

Monthly Membership Meetings

The association holds a membership meeting where a CE Class is taught each month. The classes are offered live webinars or recorded for future viewing. Details will be listed below.

Laws & Legislative

The UPHCA is represented at the State Legislature and with DOPL. We have retained full-time lobbyist to help represent our interests in the legislative process and governmental regulations. It is through effective representation that we have become an effective voice. Our lobbyist team is comprised of Capstone Strategies, and Kate Bradshaw.

  • What UPHCA has accomplished for the plumbing industry!

    • Protecting the industry by making changes in apprenticeship curriculum to include fire sprinkler installation, LP gas installation, and Hydronic-Radiant systems. This will make it very difficult for other industries to take these programs from the plumbing industry.
    • Revision of the ‘Handyman Rule’.
    • Many of our members serves on a variety of DOPL boards, commissions and committees providing a strong voice for the plumbing and HVAC industries.
    • UPHCA is the voice of the industry for code changes and adoptions, rule making input, and legislative efforts.
    • Gave plumbers throughout the state a voice.
    • Primary voice in keeping the “I” codes IPC, IMC. IFGC, etc. from changing to the UPC.
    • Trap primers is not the only option…”P” traps, trap guards, hose bibs, are now acceptable in Utah.
    • Appendix C grey water recycle
    • Improved the supervisory problem
    • Created individual continuing education
    • Was a leader in making the Utah Data Center open to all contractors
    • Assisted in keeping individual liens from $10,000 to $3,000 saving suppliers and contractors money and rights.


To be a member of the Utah Plumbing & Heating Contractors Association (UPHCA), each company is an independent (Non-Union Affiliation) legally licensed contractor. Each company affirms that he/she is in accordance with the stated principles of this Association, and agrees to abide by the Rules and Regulations of the Association as proclaimed in its Bylaws, Code of Ethics, and Authoritative Actions of its Board of Directors. You can be assured they are licensed by the State of Utah and are professional in their business activities.

  • There are many benefits you receive as a member of UPHCA, including:

    • Employee Sharing
    • Discount Programs (Insurance, Fuel, etc.)
    • Continuing Education
    • Local Meetings
    • Estimating Classes
    • Legal, Accounting, & Business Seminars
    • Industry Courses (Back Flow, Med. Gas, etc.)
    • Competitive Workers Comp
    • Voice in Legislative Issues
    • Education programs & resources to help manage and grow your business
    • Networking with members representing all segments of the Industry
    • Legal Access with Dana Farmer, Attorney & UPHCA Legal Council, attends every meeting and is happy to answer your legal questions


We continue to provide excellent opportunities for our members to network and learn from each other. We provide a yearly conference where the UPHCA provides excellent seminars while also mingling with others of the industry. Also the UPHCA sponsors a Golf Tournament and Shoot Gun Competitions. The UPHCA also participates in vendor activities and educational outreach programs. We are an active and vibrant association.


At the 2019 Utah Legislative Session the legislature passed and the Governor has signed HB218. It updates the building code state wide to the 2018 IBC, IPC, IMC, IFGC, and the IRC. With this is mind we have made available various 2018 code books. Please note that the UPHCA isn’t in the business of making money off of code book updates. The pricing allows for shipping and handling costs only!