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The UPHCA Offers Continuing Education Classes for the following Plumbing and Specialty Contractor Licenses.

Webinars & Online Classes are DOPL and UPHCA approved for CE credit for Plumbing and Specialty Contractors Licenses: Plumbing (S200 & S201), HVAC (S350), Landscaping/Recreation (S330), Boiler, Pipeline, Wastewater and Water Conditioning (S410).

CE requirements for Utah Specialty Contractor Licenses must adhere to the following rules:

1. 3 of the 6 hours must be ‘live’ (classroom or webinar) where interaction between instructor and student. (All 6 hours can be ‘live’).

2. The remaining 3 hours can be through an online class; however they must be through a state approved association and provider.

3. The UPHCA is state approved to provide CE credit for the following Specialty Contractors: Plumbing (S200 & S201), HVAC (S350), Landscaping/Recreation (S330), Boiler, Pipeline, Wastewater and Water Conditioning (S410).

4. HVAC Contractor must have 3 of the 6 hours of CE must be directly related to the installation, repair, or replacement of a heating, ventilation, or air conditioning system.

5. Other Specialty Contractors (S330, S410) who install backflow preventers must have 2 of their 6 hours specific to Backflow Installation.

Due to Covid-19 the ‘live’ classroom experience requirement is waived for the 2021 renewal cycle.

To check the hours you have towards your particular license you can go to DOPL’s webpage.

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  • How many hours are required?

    12 individual hours. All 12 hours may be in code or broken down into 8 hours code or “core” and 4 hours “professional”

  • What is “Core” and what is “Professional” ?

    R156-55c-303b. Continuing Education – Standards.

    (1) Required Hours. Pursuant to Sections 58-55-302.7 and 58-55-303, each licensee shall complete 12 hours of continuing education during each two year license term. A minimum of eight hours shall be core education. The remaining four hours may be professional education.

    (2) “Core continuing education” is defined as education covering:
    (a) International Building, Mechanical, Plumbing Codes and Utah building code amendments as adopted or proposed for adoption;
    (b) the Americans with Disability Act;
    (c) medical gas, National Fire Protection Association 13D and 54; and
    (d) hydronics and waste water treatment.

    (3) “Professional continuing education” is defined as education covering:
    (a) energy conservation, management training, new technology, plan reading; and
    (b) lien laws and Utah construction registry.

    (4) Non-acceptable course subject matter includes the following types of courses and other similar courses:
    (a) mechanical office and business skills, such as typing, speed reading, memory improvement and report writing;
    (b) physical well-being or personal development, such as personal motivation, stress management, time management, or dress for success;
    (c) presentations by a supplier or a supplier representative to promote a particular product or line of products; and
    (d) meetings held in conjunction with the general business of the licensee or employer.

  • As a contractor, do I need 12 hours plus the 6 hours for contractor C.E.?

    No…the 12 hours count toward the 6 hours required for contractors C.E. However, a reminder…the license cycles are not coordinated, i.e., plumbers license renew’s every two years on the even years in November.  Whereas the contractors license is every two years and renews on the odd years in November. Remember…either you or a manager can fulfill your contractor requirements; make sure you take classes that qualify for both.  The contractor hours, 3 of the 6 can be online and the other 3 must be in person.

    The HVAC contractors license requires a total of 6 hours and 3 of the hours must be specific to the HVAC industry.

  • As an employer, is this going to cost me a fortune to make sure my employees have continuing education?

    NO…the individual licensee is responsible to find the course, pay for the course, and for fulfilling their requirements. Of course, it is a good idea to stay on top of this BUT, it is their license and their responsibility. Suggestion: Have your plumbers provide you with a printout of their hours quarterly or semi-annually.

    As a member of the UPHCA each month the association provides one hour class that will qualify for 1 hour of CE Credit.

  • How do I find and signup for courses?

    Go to… go to – Click on Plumber

  • Are there online courses?

    Yes we have a variety of online classes developed by the UPHCA.  In addition we have and DOPL has approved an online provider.  See our class schedule for additional information.

  • Are the courses Statewide?

    Yes!  During the last renewal cycle we provided classes in Weber, Davis, Salt Lake, Utah Counties, as well as Richfield and St. George.  However online classes are provided anytime.

Further information contact or 801-307-5500

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