Safety Information

Safety is an important part of working in the construction industry.  We want all plumbers and technicians return safely home each and every day.  We have compiled topics and provide them for UPHCA member companies to use for safety meetings.

Continuing Education

Our CE program is offered both in classroom settings and online classes.  The instructors of our classes come from the industry and provide excellent insight into our trade.  As a member benefit we offer monthly a free 1 hour CE classes to assist the owners in their business operations and to meet their CE requirements.

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Trade Outreach

The UPHCA is active inviting a new generation to consider the Plumbing & HVAC trades as viable career options.  We support career days at different high schools, the Utah School Counselors Association, apprenticeship programs at the various technical colleges, Keys to Success and other programs to encourage especially the youth to join the trades.


The UPHCA represents the interests of the Plumbing & HVAC industries through the combined voices of our members.  One voice isn’t heard, however when a group of professionals come together our voices unite to form a unified industry voice and we are heard!  The UPHCA has retained a Lobbying firm that dramatically assists us in our concerns and issues.

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