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    • High school graduate
    • You must be proficient in reading and writing in English and possess the self-motivation to complete Internet-based coursework
    • You must have access to a computer/tablet and the Internet
    • You, your employer, and the UPHCA Apprentice Academy will be required to sign an agreement of accepted expectations for all parties


    Students enrolled in Academy courses must accept the following responsibilities:

    • Complete work in a timely manner
    • Read all information and assignments within the learning management system before starting the course
    • Complete the course in 1 year (12 months). Extensions to the course are available in 6 month increments for an additional fee of $250 per 6 months and must be requested before the course expiration date. If the student does not complete the program, he/she forfeits all money paid for the program and receives no credit for the portion completed
    • Maintain records of on-the-job training completed

    This is a plumbing industry-driven training program for motivated students who want to boost your skills while learning your trade. It’s for people who are less interested in classroom learning and more excited to get actively involved in mastering the craft. Where else will you find a nationally recognized apprenticeship program led by an industry-experienced instructors and board of directors? Right.

    What makes this apprenticeship academy stand out is that it is industry-driven and industry-sponsored. This means you will get on-the-job training through your employer/sponsor while enjoying the flexibility of a nationally, federally approved online curriculum that works with your schedule plus labs with mentors who stretch your capabilities.

    You are no longer limited by terms or semesters, but only by your drive to succeed. The Academy operates as a 4-year program with curriculum based on 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year tracks, however more experienced and more motivated students can move through the material and expedite their licensure at a quicker pace.

    Speaking of quicker pace, open enrollment means you can enroll at anytime and get started now. No waiting for a semester break just so you can get your big career break.

    The program offers you convenience and flexibility as the curriculum is all online and can be accessed anytime and anywhere so you can easily blend it in with your work schedule and personal time.

    There will be live webinars and in-person lab experiences six times per year, which are required for all students. Some travel may be involved.

    No need to pay for room and board. This school is open to those living anywhere in the State of Utah, which means even students in rural locations can enjoy the educational advantages of the Academy from right where you’re at.

    This is the perfect program for those who thrive in a self-paced learning environment. You are your best advantage.

    The bottom line is that this program is designed to help you succeed. Individualized mentoring/coaching will give you a more personalized learning environment and your employer’s involvement will ensure you have a success partner.

    Ready to enroll? We will begin accepting applications in January of 2023. Click here for an email or text reminder.



    UPHCA Apprenticeship Academy does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of its activities or operations.

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