Why should you become a UPHCA member?

We bring a variety of locally owned and operated companies together to lift our trade and industry by ensuring that the services they offer are professional and well respected.  UPHCA members are a cut above the industry because we expect more from them and ensuring the safety and health of the public.  Who is going to do it?  The UPHCA represents the industry. Members of the association stand united letting our voices be heard by becoming involved in our industry and the legislative process.  Stand With Us!

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Bringing the Best of the Industry Together

When we join hands the industry and public benefits as well as your company!

Representation & Communication

One voice isn’t as effective as a choir of voices standing together in protecting our licensing and trade!

Expanding Your Professional Horizons

Offering excellent & appropriate CE Classes for company owners and individual plumbers.

A Trusted Community Seal of Approval

To become a member of the association and to receive the designation of ‘Qualified’ the company must adhere to an elevated standard of ethics and professionalism.

Who are our members?


Plumbers, Technicians, & Business Owners

  • Your voice is magnified with others in the industry.
  • Excellent CE Classes
  • Outreach others to come into the trade.
  • Networking with others in the industry.


Plumbers, Technicians, & Business Owners

  • Network with the Plumbing, Mechanical & HVAC Trades
  • Provide opportunities to teach CE Classes.
  • Support the industry that purchases products & services you provide.


Plumbers, Technicians, & Business Owners

  • Become part of a growing and vibrant industry.
  • Network your services.
  • Broaden your reach and services.

The most important thing the UPHCA does is representing the plumbing trade to the legislature. They have lobbyists that ensure our voice is heard.


Effective representation from an informed voice.

The UPHCA is represented at the State Legislature and with DOPL. We have hired a full-time Lobbyist Firm, Capstone Strategies to help represent our interests in the legislative process and governmental regulations.

What UPHCA has accomplished for the plumbing industry.

  • Ensured that the plumbing services were not included in the 2019 Sales Tax on services.
  • Served as a resource to the Plumbing Licensing Board to provide input into the changes to the plumbing licensing rules that became effective January 2020.
  • Protected the industry by making changes in apprenticeship curriculum to include fire sprinkler installation, LP gas installation, and Hydronic-Radiant systems.
  • Assisted in keeping individual liens from $10,000 to $3,000, saving suppliers and contractors money and rights.
  • Spoke as a primary voice in keeping the “I” codes IPC, IMC. IFGC, etc. from changing to the UPC.
  • Gave plumbers throughout the state a voice in legal discussions of code changes and adaptions, as well as other legislative efforts that impact their work.

What do our members say?

Continuing education & test preparation guidance.