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State Specialty Contractor License Renewal Deadline

November 30, 2023


6 hours of Continuing Education Credit (3 hours must be Live)

  • 1-6 hours Core (code/safety classes)
  • 1 hour must be on Energy Codes
  • S-350 License must have 3 hours specific to HVAC related code
  • S-330 & S410 must have 2 hours specific to Backflow Installation

(Plumbing CE can also count towards the 6 hours required for the Contractor License renewal in 2023 & 2024 – concurrent credit!)

We are the Utah Plumbing & Heating Contractor’s Association (UPHCA).

The UPHCA is the largest and only independent subcontractor association that represents the Plumbing & HVAC Industry in the in State of Utah. We are fighting for your company and working on your side. The UPHCA’s voice is heard and respected, and our lobbying efforts before the state legislature and governmental regulatory agencies are very effective and important to our industry.

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